Balea Q10 Omega Complex Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

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Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Q10 with Omega Complex gently tightens and smoothes the skin around the delicate eye area. The skin is protected from the damaging and aging effects of free radicals. Twice-daily use, provides a detectable reduction in the depth of wrinkles.** and skin elasticity is increased. The skin's own natural resources of Q10 are and are essential for cell maintenance. Applied topically, coenzyme Q10, as a powerful antioxidant, helps protect skin from damage of free radicals, thus reducing the signs of aging. Q10 can rejuvenate, repair and make skin look firmer and smoother. The Q10 contained in the eye cream actively contributes to skin regeneration. The Omega Complex is rich in essential fatty acids and strengthens the resistance of the skin. Balea Q10 Anti-wrinkle eye cream is Vegan, Perfume-free, PEG-free and is confirmed as dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested. The cream is suitable for use by contact lens wearers ** Within 4 weeks of regular, twice daily use, confirmed by scientific tests. Product country of origin: Germany