Water Proof Hair Line Powder Concealer

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NET: 4g 
Shelf life: 4 years 
Package Included: 1 pcs Hair Line Shadow Powder with Mirror & Puff 

open and use small puff dipped in the right amount, along the root of messy hair dipped gently beat, fill the pure wire. Or pat the shade powder from shallow to deep in the edge of the hair line, hair extension feeling. According to the individual to select the fill color. 

# 1 Brown, suitable for brown hair people 
# 2 Light brown, suitable for brown hair people 
# 3 Carrot color, suitable for people with yellow hair 
# 4 Gray, suitable for people with dark gray hair 

Features & details

  • Natural, four selectable colors.
  • Plant extract, more suitable for reducing skin damage.
  • Waterproof formula and sweat, lasting makeup, easy to color.
  • Easy to carry, comes with mirror and puff, anywhere you can makeup.
  • Package included: 1 Pcs Hairline powder