BEAUTY BUFFET Scentio Milk Skin Refining Whitening Scrub

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Skin refining and whitening gel scrub for all types of skin. Scentio gel scrub contains Milk Protein, Mangosteen and Mulberry Root Extracs, which help to gently exfoliate and instantly minimize the look of pores, while reducing melanin production and preventing the formation of acne. This intense hydrating scrub will instantly reveal softer, firmer and brighter looking skin. Benefits of Scentio exfoliating treatment : *Normally the dead skin cells do not always fall off easily, and start causing troubles, the pores get clogged, the appearance of fine lines and more. *Milk Protein and Cabomer boost exfoliating process and throughly remove the entire layer of dead skin cells. *Scentio exfoliating treatment moisturize and reveal the shiny new skin underneath. To Use: Apply a thin layer of Scentio gel scrub onto your skin, rub it with your finger tips until the cream balls up, falls off and takes dead surface cells and impurities with it. Clean and rinse thoroughly. You will see a dramatic difference in the texture and tone of your skin. Scentio can be used for both facial and body. Use 2-3 times a week for body exfoliating treatment and once a week for facial exfoliating treatment.

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  • Scentio Milk Plus Gel Scrub 100ml.
  • Skin Refining Whiening Scrub